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Interesting newsletter articles

Three times per year the Friends publish a newsletter containing information about the Park..In addition to regular items such the Chairman’s remarks, reports on working parties and litter picking there are articles about the bird life in the park and the trees in the Park.

However there are often interesting articles about the history, sporting events and unusual things spotted in the Park.  Many of these items are listed below.  Clicking on the ISSUE DATE will bring up a copy of the newsletter which contains the relevant article.


A great sporting arena – Cricket in Roundhay Park                 
Cross country running in Roundhay Park                               
Cycling in the park                                                                      
Gone Fishing – A study of angling in Roundhay Park              
More fishing in Roundhay Park                                                 
Park run                                                                                       
Roundhay Schools fun run                                                         
Rowing on Waterloo Lake                                                             
When top tennis came to Roundhay Park                                  
White Rose canoe club  


About the old lodge at the end of Park Avenue                           
A lost house and a memorial to a gatekeeper                             
Blondin in Roundhay Park                                                          
Did I inherit my gardening gene from my great grandfather     
Hill 60.  How did it get its name?                                               
Mary Gordon – bygone boat trips on Waterloo Lake                
Nicholson’s model galleon                                                          
Opening Roundhay Park to the public –  A Bradford man          
Personal memories of Roundhay Park                                        
 Protest meeting about the expense and management of Roundhay Park in 1879         
Roland Ding Yorkshire aviator (1865-1917)  His life and achievements                      
Saving St John’s church                                                             
Skating on the lakes in Roundhay Park                                      
The Hermitage in Roundhay Park                                              
The history of the Friends Garden                                              
The railway that never was                                                          
The shooting in Roundhay Park


A wolf in the Park                                                                         
Fairies move into Ram Wood