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Emergency Services

To report a fire or any other rescue emergency, always dial 999 immediately –

If you have found a swan or injured wild animal which requires assistance, please contact the Yorkshire Swan Rescue Team immediately on their 24 hour telephone number, 07763 424 892.

Swans injured or in distress
Tel: 07763 424 892.

If there is a problem please note where the swan is , what the problem is , the time noticed and any follow up info.  Please provide as much information as possible about the problem as will help the team decide the urgency and locate the Bird(s) as quickly as possible.

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Lake Emergency:  Tel: 999

Waterloo lake can be very dangerous, with a number of fatal drownings in its history. There are throwlines and  lifebelts situated at regular points around the lake. If you see anyone who is in distess in the lake, do not put yourself in danger, but find the nearest lifebelt and throw it to them. Then call the Emergency Services.

Lifebelts & Throwlines Map
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Public Defibrillators

The nearest public defibrillator unit is located outside the Lakeside Cafe entrance gate.  There is also one at Tropical World. Tel: 0113 237 0754

A person’s heart will stop beating without warning when they suffer SCA. They will collapse, lose consciousness and look extremely pale. It requires immediate treatment to keep blood pumping and to restart the heart to prevent brain damage and death.

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