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Notes of FoRP Anti Social Behaviour Open Meeting Tuesday 31 July 2019
At St Andrews Church Roundhay

Welcome and introductions – Richard Critchley FoRP Chairman
Present: Cllr Angela Wenham – Leeds City Council
              Sgt Rothery and  PC Halloran – Leeds District NE Police
                Neil Bowden – LCC Anti Social Behaviour Team
              Kris Nenadic – Operations Manager Leeds Parks and Countryside

The Chairmen welcomed such a good attendance and mentioned briefly our awareness re finance shortage for all of Leeds but emphasised that we do not welcome anti-social behaviour. Roundhay Park is a wonderful resource for the whole of Leeds and needs cherishing.

Attendees were invited to ask question and /or make statements.
– Concern about situation in West Ave: cars racing/noise/parking on grass, would speed bumps help? Smell of cannabis
-Roundhay Road racing up to Oakwood clock
-Quad bikes racing high speed in Park also all over Oakwood area
-Low level corrosive behaviour has an effect on the area
-Old walls have been knocked down
-Noticeable deterioration in last few years
-West Ave cars park 2-3 abreast with lights on full beam into oncoming traffic
– Intimidating behaviour experienced, especially of women on their own, parents concerned for young people
– Chair of Blakeney Court underlined the concerns expressed by West Ave residents – yes there are signs but need more action :cameras?
– Do speed bumps provide extra excitement for quad bike riders?
  “I love that you are listening but we need action”
– B-b-Q’s scorched grass/ heavy fumes/ need designated area
-Signs needed re b-b-q’s
– Speed cameras record speed and time, suggest more
Old Park Road: 42 flagstones have been stolen, also in the Park
– Suggestion for logs preventing people driving onto Soldiers Field

Suggestions from attendees
King Lane and Street Lane – police should be visible
Sign on West Ave appreciated
Police and council need to liaise
20mph signs too small and not enforced
Street Lane 30mph not observed – smiley faces?
Taxi drivers not keeping within speed limits, also parents collecting from school

Further discussion focussed more on litter seen as unacceptable behaviour.
Suggestion of ‘pop-up’ bins for special days (ref. Sheffield)
Need to tie in action over litter with education (council)
Could someone be employed to take on the spot fines?
Football teams, coaches need to take more responsibility

Friends of Roundhay Park Committee member and Litter Picking Co-ordinator Martin praised the litter pickers and invited people not already FoRP members to join in.

Other areas of discussionCriticism of lack of action by some councillors
No speed signs on Lidgett Park Road, state of tree growth means pedestrians have to walk on the road
Lack of toilet facilities in the area leads to use of private gardens
B-b-qu’s should be stopped until designated area is agreed and established
Reference to Ed Sherran concerts: parking on grass control assume council receives money

Police comments
100% behind this. A new initiative in the area started in May – good results so far.
There have been some arrests of those in possession of drugs, especially 4 known offenders, also some car searches have been carried out.
Speeding is an issue across Leeds, critical that intelligence in obtained so that it can be used across West Yorkshire. Please feed in Registration Numbers to Police
The signs on West Avenue have received positive feedback
Portable Speed Cameras used on West Avenue – but visibility a problem
Police would rather deal with things other than litter – but advised people to keep reporting.

Response received from Police as a result of the meeting

Please find below the actions to be taken by the police for Roundhay Park following the meeting on 30th July 2019:
–          Continued patrols from the three NPT  teams
–          Operation Brewlock to be conducted in the area. This is a multi agency operation where the police work in partnership with other agencies to tackle ASB/crime/taxi licensing issues/bike and quads causing ASB. (This will be on 18th September.)
–          Using the police exhibit van on West Avenue. Officers will be present with the mobile van and will be available to speak with residents and visitors to the park to offer crime prevention advice etc… This is hoped that if this vehicle is parked on West Avenue it may be a deterrent for to others attending and causing ASB.
–          Speed checks to be completed in the area (this will depend on officer’s being available who are trained to use the equipment. We are unable to provide a date on when this will be.)
A reminder that residents can attend the local PACT meetings which are held  at Parochial Hall, Fitzroy Drive, Oakwood the first Tuesday of each month 6-7pm to report any concerns, ask questions.

Specific information can be reported to local police using
You can also use the WYP website which provides online forms and useful information

 Anti Social Behavior Team Comments:
Note concern re anti-social behaviour.
Cameras all run by Council ‘Leeds Watch’ £30K to run – other option temporary CCTV for about 6 months? Cost appx £1500
Contact can be made with local taxi companies and Highway staff who receive and follow up public reports re anti-social activity. Taxis can be followed up because of licence plates
Specific contacts will be provided for Highways, Civic Enforcement Team (litter) and Taxi problems (see below for details).

Details of how to report via Taxi and Private Hire Licensing Manager
The council’s taxi and private hire enforcement team will be able to investigate any specific complaints about speeding, driver behaviour or littering, e.g. with the vehicle registration, a day and time, etc.  We can then get in touch with the driver and put the specific complaint to the driver.  We can also notify the police, unless they were notified separately.
 We can also put a message in our periodic trade newsletter to remind taxi and private hire drivers that we report areas of speeding to the police who will locate traffic officers there.
Please note that only SPECIFIC reports or complaints can be dealt with.
You can obtain further information and contact details for the Leeds Anti Social Behaviour Team here

Council Comments
Council can remind football clubs who use the pitches and leave litter – club details required.
Cllr Wenham assured the meeting that some of the money from the Ed Sheeran Concert would come to the park and will provide details when available.
The temporary CCTV option will be followed up by Councillor Wenham

Thanks to everyone for attending the meeting; we hope constructive contact will continue between FoRP, the police and council.

NB – Please do not reports incidents of Anti Social Behaviour to Friends of Roundhay Park….we only have the same contact details as you and you will simply be delaying a response from the relevant department(s).

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JR/CH August 2019