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Helping To Look After Britain’s Best Public Park. RHS Britain In Bloom 2014

Our aims are to actively protect, preserve and improve the facilities and natural beauty of Roundhay Park for the enjoyment of all its users.

Guided by Leeds City Council Parks & Countryside Services, our volunteer groups and Working Parties  undertake general maintenance and planting work in selected areas of parkland, gardens, woodlands, streams and footpaths. Our most recent project has been the creation in 2014 of a flowering meadow above the Lakeside car park.
Through our publications, the Geology Trail and Tree Trail booklets, and the provision of the Wildfowl Information Board we aim to enhance visitors’ enjoyment and knowledge of the Park.

We are committed to the long term success of Roundhay Park as a major attraction for visitors and to this end work closely with the City Council on the provision and improvement of facilities such as the tennis courts, skateboard park and play areas.

Finally, we are alert to the changing needs of the Park and to the best use of its structures and buildings. In this capacity we liaise closely with local Councillors and keep abreast of any plans the Council may put forward for change.