Tucked away at the western (Old Park Road) end of Canal Gardens is “The Friends Garden”, a lovely small woodland garden designed and built by Friends of Roundhay Park.

Thanks to the Park authorities, a site – at the time falling into unattractive lack of use – was made available and work on the design began in 2001. With grant funding, construction of the garden was carried out entirely by FoRP volunteers with some help from The British Trust for Conservation Volunteers. No commercial builders were employed and the garden was officially opened in July 2005.

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The design reflects the most beautiful elements of the Yorkshire Dales countryside – stonewalls and water, stepping stones and woodland with shade-loving plants providing colour and interest throughout the year. Whilst children enjoy the stepping stones, an alternative footpath, wide enough for wheelchairs and buggies, winds though the garden around the beds and under the trees.

Next time you visit Tropical World or Canal Gardens, take a few minutes to visit The Friends of Roundhay Park ( forp) specialist garden. We think you will like it and remember, if you would like to help out with the maintenance, contact us via this website.