If you appreciate our beautiful and unique Park, you can take this opportunity to make a donation to help us continue with our work in keeping it that way.

Mansion LaneA very welcome donation to boost FoRP funds was by Val Bell, a local artist, whose picture of ‘The Carriage House from Mansion Lane’ featured in the Newsletter September 2009. A full sized Print is available in a ‘Limited Edition’ on top quality paper within a 400mm x 300mm mount and normally sells for £35.

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Some of our other Donors

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Or perhaps you could finance another lasting tribute to a family member or friend. FoRP are happy to discuss the use of a donation with the donor and could ensure that the money be spent on a durable (if not permanent) memorial. Please Contact Us

Rest assured, any donation, however big or small, will be expended by FoRP on a project designed to achieve the maximum advantage to Park users within the terms of our Objectives.

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